Yachting in the Saronic gulf

Detailed itinerary

DAY 1: Poros.

Poros is a pair of islands connected by a bridge spanning the narrow sea channel. Sail to the secret spots to the south in ‘Sphairia’ which displays its volcanic origins while further north, Kalaureia lives up to its name which means “gentle breeze”. Poros is known for its antiquities dating back to Roman times. It played a significant role in the 1821 Greek Revolution which led to the formation of an independent Greek state. The main town of Poros is now a lively town with neoclassical architecture, a famous clock tower, and several bars and restaurants.

DAY 2: Spetses

Famous as the home of the Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta every year in June, the Saronic Island of Spetses in an upscale holiday destination. The chance to see 70 beautiful sailing boats competing in these calm blue seas is a highlight of any Saronic Gulf sailing adventure. The island has one main town which remains traffic-free. You can rent bicycles, motorcycles or horsedrawn carriages to explore beyond the scenic port. There are several beaches close by offering watersports for those looking to add more excitement to their sailing holidays in Greece.

DAY 3: Hydra

As you approach Hydra from the sea, notice how the town is arranged as a crescent-shaped amphitheatre overlooking the peaceful port and bay. Waterfront cafés and bars are the perfect place to enjoy breakfast Greek-style. Elsewhere, box-shaped houses with tile roofs are clustered together up the hillside. Once again. Hydra is a traffic-free zone and mules, donkeys and water taxis are the principal modes of transport. The main attraction is the Tsamadou Mansion housing the Merchant Marine Academy which reflects the island’s impressive maritime history. Hydra means “water” which refers to the natural springs found on this delightful Saronic Island.

DAY 4: Kythnos/Kolona

Kythnos, an island of golden beaches, arid countryside and hillsides dotted with stone huts. Your base for the next two nights is the pretty fishing village of Merichas. Look forward to learning more about Chora, the island’s capital and Dryopida village, which took its name from the very first inhabitants of the island. Take a circular hike around the site of Vryokastro, Kythnos’ ancient capital, and get up-close to some of the island’s unique natural phenomena.

DAY 5: Serifos

Serifos island, an integral part of Greek mythology, since its name is associated with two of the most famous mythical heroes: Ulysses and Perseus. You can mull over this yarn and other local legends whilst sipping a traditional Greek coffee and enjoying a local sweet at the sparkling port of Livadi.  Later on, take a fascinating walk to Chora, the island’s capital, which is perched on a hill above the port, and discover its narrow whitewashed alleys colored with the lush green, pink and purple of overflowing bougainvillea.

DAY 6: Cape Sounio

The dramatic Doric columns date back to around 444BC and were a major engineering feat in the Golden Age of Athens. Their allure and beauty have inspired many artists and poets through the ages, including Lord Byron, who left a lasting mark.

The breathtaking panoramic views from the clifftop precipice are best enjoyed at sunset. The bright blue Aegean is dotted with islands including Aegina, set against a distant Peloponnese mountain backdrop.

DAY 7: Athens

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